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The reputation of a law firm is built entirely on the respect and experience it is able to offer clients who need assistance with their professional liability defense issues. The senior trial lawyers at Kjar, McKenna & Stockalper have been practicing in the industry for over 25 years and have dealt with nearly every kind of defense issue there is. With the support of our young, innovative legal team, KMS has won victory after victory for our clients ranging from trial and arbitration victories, dispositive motions and dismissals. These are examples out of a small sample set of our cases. Please keep in mind that every case is fact specific and different, and that these outcomes do not represent what we may be able to obtain for you in your specific case.

KMS Partner Jon Schwalbach Successfully Defends Dismissal in Court of Appeal

Jon Schwalbach drafted and argued the winning appellate brief in a wrongful foreclosure action against a property receiver. The firm’s client was a property manager who was appointed receiver by the court to oversee the foreclosure of four properties before they were sold. After the sales, Plaintiff sued the bank and the receiver for a…

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KMS Partner Jason Petersen Eliminates Intentional Claims on Demurrer

Partner Jason Petersen presented a demurrer to Plaintiff’s causes of action for elder abuse and fraud against a Defendant hospice and home health care provider for alleged withholding of care in a residential care facility and fraudulent misrepresentation about the services that were provided. The demurrer argued that Plaintiff was unable to establish a custodial…

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Jim Kjar and Katie Lafferty defense case involving perforation during ERCP procedure

The plaintiff experienced a perforation of his bile duct during an ERCP procedure to remove a stone in the Common Duct. It resulted in massive sepsis and a 4 month hospitalization. Total recovery time was almost one year. He made substantial claims for past and future lost earnings in addition to permanent debilitating injuries. A…

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Patrick Stockalper, Esq. obtains 12-0 defense verdict on liability on behalf of Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center

In Rosales v. Los Angeles County USC Medical Center, et. al., Mr. Stockalper represented an attending orthopedic surgeon as well as Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center which was tried in downtown Los Angeles. Plaintiff, then a 10 year old boy, was involved in an automobile accident on December 17, 2014 wherein he sustained…

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Jim Kjar and Hanna Dunn win case involving traumatic brain injury.

Plaintiff was a patient in a large Southern California hospital. She claimed that while she was unattended by her nurses in a hallway waiting for her medication that she fell, lost consciousness and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Plaintiff relied on MRI studies and multiple experts who testified that she suffered a structural injury to…

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Jim Kjar and Jon Schwalbach defense case involving intraoperative bleeding and cardiac arrest.

During a laparascopic choleycystectomy, the surgeon injured the liver, causing significant bleeding. The patient suffered an intraoperative cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated by aortic compression and 3 cardioversions. She required an extended hospitalization and claimed significant permanent injuries. The defense argued that injury to adjacent organs and bleeding are known complications of the…

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KMS Partner Alexandra Baraff “Knocks Out” case brought by Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

The plaintiff filed a medical negligence claim against client, urgent care facility alleging they breached the standard of care by failing to diagnose a right ankle fracture. The treating nurse practitioner noted the pain started nearly two months prior to seeking treatment and the plaintiff continued to train despite the swelling and pain. Upon examination,…

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