The State of California enacted a comprehensive legislative plan to prevent medical and financial abuse of elderly and dependent adults.  This has resulted in a proliferation of lawsuits by patients and their families seeking recovery of damages for pain, suffering, attorney fees and punitive damages.  KMS has been at the forefront in defending these claims at trial and arbitration against many of the most prominent plaintiff attorneys in California and the United States who hold themselves out as specialists in this area.  Our extensive experience makes us well versed in the unique issues faced by both individual physicians, health care providers and corporate entities who are operating in one of the most heavily regulated industries in California. The firm has defended a wide variety of clients including:

Physicians. This includes doctors who have treated patients in all possible settings including office care, hospitals, and residential care facilities.  We have defended doctors in their capacities as treating physicians as well as risk managers and other administrative capacities at hospitals and care facilities.

Hospice Care.  KMS has represented numerous hospice care providers in dependent and elder abuse cases.  For a number of years, the firm has represented the largest provider of hospice care in the United States.

Nurses and Nursing Registries.  The firm has represented nurses and nursing agencies of all sizes, which provide care to hospitals, nursing homes, and residential care facilities.

Long-Term Care Facilities.  KMS has extensive experience in defending both large and small long-term care facilities, including nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, residential care facilities as well as large national corporations who own and/or manage them.

KMS has developed a comprehensive team of experts and consultants to assist in defending issues related to physicians, nurses, administrators, statutory violations, and regulatory compliance, in addition to experts with experience in owning and managing these types of facilities.