Jim Kjar Defenses Legal Malpractice Jury Trial Requesting $12 Million in Damages.

Plaintiff is a Dermatologist who hired the Defendant to prosecute a medical malpractice case against her treating eye doctor. She claimed the doctor misdiagnosed a serious eye infection which has permanently disabled her, and limited her practice in Dermatology. Plaintiff asked the jury to award $12 Million.

Plaintiff claimed that the attorney failed to designate adequate expert testimony, which resulted in a non-suit against Plaintiff after opening statements to the Jury. Plaintiff also sued the attorney for fraud, punitive damages, and breach of fiduciary duty.

Kjar argued that the underlying medical negligence case was properly handled by the attorney, and that the non-suit was the result of pre-trial rulings made by the Judge limiting expert testimony. Plaintiff asked the Jury to award $12 Million in damages. After three days of deliberations, the Defense verdict was returned in favor of Kjar’s client.