KMS office artwork featured on website of renowned photographer Bo Bridges

Bo Bridges is an internationally renowned fashion and landscape photographer whose works have been displayed in fine hotels, offices and art galleries around the world. He was retained by KMS to design the artwork for its El Segundo offices. Check out our blog or visit Bo’s lookbook to see photos of his work on display at KMS. KMS is proud of the culture and collaborative atmosphere that has been created for the lawyers of the firm.


Let us tell you, this was like no project we’ve ever worked on! When we first met with one of the founding members of a nearby El Segundo law firm he gave us one objective – turn his brand new law offices into the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of law firms. Bright, happy and whimsical was the name of the game. Cue pops of color around every turn, underwater murals around every pillar, a digital art frame with a rotation of 150 of Bo’s images playing on repeat in the game room – framed by yet another mural. It didn’t stop there – a Camouflage surfboard in the kitchen, a massive 70×100 glossy acrylic of Bo’s signature shot Gone Fishing in the boardroom, It Won’t Be Long Now turning a hallway of offices into a dock leading to Tahiti… Gotta say, if we were lawyers we’d wanna work here!

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