Patrick Stockalper successfully defends defendant in one of the largest potential wrongful life exposure cases in U.S. history

The parents of a child born with a rare genetic disease called Fabry’s disease sued an in vitro fertilization (IVF) specialist and his employer to recover the medical expenses associated with the treatment of this disease. They contended that they agreed to the IVF treatment on the condition that only embryos without Fabry’s disease would be implanted and that the defendants inadvertently inserted an embryo with Fabry’s disease due to a mix-up of the embryos. The medical expenses were alleged at approximately $100 million in future value over the lifetime of the child who was expected to have a normal life expectancy notwithstanding his affliction assuming he received the necessary medical treatment. The child was represented by Arlan Cohen, Esq., one of the top lawyers in the field of medical malpractice work and a licensed physician. Despite a policy limit demand, a 12-0 defense verdict was obtained.