The reputation of a law firm is built entirely on the respect and experience it is able to offer clients who need assistance with their professional liability defense issues. The senior trial lawyers at Kjar, McKenna & Stockalper have been practicing in the industry for over 25 years and have dealt with nearly every kind of defense issue there is. With the support of our young, innovative legal team, KMS has won victory after victory for our clients ranging from trial and arbitration victories, dispositive motions and dismissals. These are examples out of a small sample set of our cases. Please keep in mind that every case is fact specific and different, and that these outcomes do not represent what we may be able to obtain for you in your specific case.

Jim Kjar Wins Legal Malpractice Jury Trial Where Plaintiff Claimed Malpractice and Inappropriate Relationship Against Her Former Lawyer.

Plaintiff retained the Defendant attorney to handle a significant personal injury claim against a large restaurant chain. Plaintiff lost at trial and claimed this was due to the attorney’s mishandling of her case and failure to retain appropriate experts. Plaintiff also claimed that through phone calls and email exchanges, the attorney allowed her to have…

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Jim Kjar Defenses Legal Malpractice Jury Trial Requesting $12 Million in Damages.

Plaintiff is a Dermatologist who hired the Defendant to prosecute a medical malpractice case against her treating eye doctor. She claimed the doctor misdiagnosed a serious eye infection which has permanently disabled her, and limited her practice in Dermatology. Plaintiff asked the jury to award $12 Million. Plaintiff claimed that the attorney failed to designate…

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