Rick Wirick nominated for Best Essay in America 2020 in prestigious Houghton Mifflin contest

Houghton Mifflin is one of the oldest and most prestigious publishers in America. Its annual contest for the best American essay is considered one of the most coveted prizes in journalism. KMS Partner Rick Wirick recently published a piece in the University of Chicago Magazine titled “The Ground Game: Poll-watching, Ballot-curing and the Evening Redness in the West” which is nominated for the Houghton Mifflin “Best Essay in America 2020” award.

Rick’s first collection of essays, Hat of Candles, was published in 2020 also.

In addition to having published several works of fiction and short stories, Rick is also the official book reviewer for the Daily Journal. The Daily Journal is the largest legal newspaper publication in the western United States.

KMS is extremely proud to have a partner like Rick who is both a consummate lawyer and a nationally recognized author.

To read Rick’s essay click on this link: https://anotherchicagomagazine.net/2021/01/20/the-ground-game-poll-watching-ballot-curing-and-the-evening-redness-in-the-west-by-richard-wirick/